Afternoon/Midnight Shift Supervisor/Team Leader

Company Name:
Crystal Creek Assisted Living
Position Type:
Position Summary
At Crystal Creek, a Shift Supervisor is responsible for ensuring overall successful operations of the assigned shift, with a goal of providing quality care and assistance to our residents, based upon individualized needs. The Shift Supervisor's typical shift will be either afternoon or midnight. He/She will be expected to facilitate communication in regards to building operations with the building managers and team leaders as appropriate. He/She acts as liasion to family memebers, primary care providers and other ancillary care providers. The Shift Supervisor must be able to assist with the overall workflow as needed and manages the staffing levels based upon the acuities in the building.
Essential Duties
- Provides supervision to Household Associates
- Responsible for coordinating adequate staffing for the assigned shift, managing staffing fluctuations.
- Coordinates communication with Shift Supervisors/Building Managers at a shift to shift report.
- Reports changes in the resident's condition, eating habits, or behaviors to Resident Care Director
- Assumes duties of Household Associate or Med Tech as needed.
- Acts as liasion to family and medical providers
- Works in collaboration with management team to ensure overall success in Crystal Creek operations
- Responsible for investigation of incidents and thorough completion of incident reports.

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